Value Recognition

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Value Recognition

Get paid for the value you provide


65% of companies are not able to achieve the prices they deserve for their products and services. And in some businesses, a 1% increase in price can enable a company to double its profit margins. Getting the price you deserve requires a shift in thinking: from selling products and services to creating value for customers and getting it recognized.


So how can you get the Value Recognition you need from customers?


The answer is to focus on 3 key capabilities:

  1. Identify – Find the real Value Buyers and building Trusted Business Partner relationships with them.
  2. Quantify - Understand the ways in which your products, services and solutions can impact the customer’s business outcomes.
  3. Communicate - Present your value creation proposals in a way that is Total Customer Focused.



Client Success

Archived Webinar:
Value Recognition

See real-life examples and tools on how to successfully create value and achieve Trusted Business Partnerships with your customers. 



“Camtek engaged Global Partners to develop and deliver a Value Selling workshop in Asia. What turned out was an engaging and insightful learning experience for everyone on the sales and pre-sales team. The delivery of the session was outstanding."

Ramy Langer
VP Semiconductor Division


The Complete Guide to Value Recognition

Value Recognition Ebook

All too often we hear sales people complain that while quantifying and positioning the value that their products and services create for their customers should lead to achieving fair prices, their customers continue to resist value arguments and insist that the lowest supplier price will get the business. However, it does not have to be this way. In this ebook you will learn practical approaches, tools and techniques that can be applied to achieve fair value-based prices with your customers.




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