Strategic Account Alignment

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Strategic Account Alignment

Get the stakeholder buy-in you need to capture more business


More than 70% of companies that put in place a strategic account management system do not achieve expected results. On the other hand, customers spend nearly 60% of their buying cycle time on their own. Successful account managers are able to enter this 60% zone by aligning internal resources around what the customer is trying to do, and showing this alignment to their customer.


So how can you achieve the Strategic Account Alignment you need in order to capture more business from your customers?


There are 3 critical success factors that must be aligned in order to do this:

  1. Knowledge - Taking information that is scattered around the globe and connecting the dots to create meaningful information.
  2. People - Creating Capture Teams that can build a shared vision of the customer across all functions, breaking silos and aligning departments.
  3. Actions - Using the shared vision of the customer to drive collective sense-making and collaborative strategies and actions that have top, middle management and field buy-in.



Client Success

"ST people come into the program with a strong knowledge of and commitment to the customer. However, the program experience forces people to think outside their own area and across the customer and ST's global organization. For me this is the biggest benefit from the program: the alignment and commitment of people."

Guy Monier
Program Manager and Head of the Institute of Sales and Marketing

Transform Account Relationships Into True Partnerships

Read about this Strategic Account Alignment transformation of STMicroelectronics, a $7 billion organization that provides semiconductor solutions.



Archived Webinar:
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Learn how organizations develop and execute multi-functional, cross-organizational teams, focused on achieving a single business development objective in order to win big deals.



10-Step Strategic Account Alignment Ebook

Strategic Account Alignment Ebook

In this ebook you will learn how to develop a Strategic Account Plan with our 10-step process. This Strategic Account Alignment Guide is organized around 4 stages, which together comprise a comprehensive Strategic Account Alignment capability. Each successive stage builds from the stage before. This process is based on a compilation of best practices identified in benchmark research and numerous client cases.




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