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Training That Sticks

Changing behaviors, cultures and enabling people to acquire new skills


As you know, information is forgotten very fast. According to research:
  • As much as 42% of what we’ve heard is forgotten after only 20 minutes;
  • 66% can be lost after one day;
  • And an amazing 75% within a week!
This is not really the fault of learners - it occurs because we are human.
You probably know how to drive a car and swing a golf club. This is training that sticks with you for a lifetime. Why can't business training be like this?
You can make your business training stick by focusing on 3 key areas:
  1. Your training needs to involve a little theory, and a lot of practice.
  2. You need to provide continuous support and coaching.
  3. You need to develop a community that supports each other.


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How to Make Training Stick Webinar

Are you tired of having to constantly force your colleagues through training and development programs that you have worked hard to put together and people don’t even end up using? Imagine instead if you could create training and development programs so effective and engaging that participants and line managers can’t wait to go through and apply. Watch this webinar to learn about the principles behind training that sticks.



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